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Glass Art on the Hidden Veranda E

We recently had the great pleasure of attending a wonderful evening called Dinner With Artists, which is put on by the Naples Art Association. It was a mixture of entertainment, learning and delicious food, which was a perfect equation for fun.

If you find yourself with the opportunity to attend one of these events, we highly recommend you do so! In fact, you may want to check out the next event, coming up in May at Coast in Edgewater Beach Hotel.


Best Mexican Restaurants in Naples

I just love Mexican food, don’t you? If you are in the mood for some Mexican for lunch, dinner or even for a snack, you’ve got to know where the best places to visit are in Naples. We have put together a list of the 10 Best Mexican Restaurants around the Naples area that you should hit when you get that itch for some Mexican awesomeness in your mouth…and we’re not talking Taco Bell (unless you’re fighting a hangover.)