Introducing the Three60 Wine Program


Have you ever wanted to have your own personal sommelier? Someone you could consult when you were having a party or just looking for something new to try? How about a wine delivery service that will bring the wine right into your cellar?

If you live in Naples, Florida, you’re in luck! Because Three60 Market is doing just that. And the best part is that you’ll only pay $3.60 per bottle on top of the wholesale price.



“This is either the craziest or smartest thing I’ve ever done,” Rebecca, the owner of Three60 Market told us when we recently sat down with her at the bar overlooking Three60 Market’s open kitchen. “Several months ago I came up with the idea for the new Three60 Wine Program. It took months to build up the courage to pull the trigger….selling wine at cost + $3.60…”

If you ask us, it’s a brilliant idea. Why pay an additional $10 per bottle somewhere else when you can get exactly the same bottle from Three60 and contribute to your own wine Co-op experience. The real benefits start when more people order wine. As the quantity increases, the wine cost drops, which means you pay less too. Rebecca  three60-wine-barWe stopped into Three60 Market on Friday to learn more about the new wine program and have a closer look at their selection. If you’ve never been to Three60 Market, you’re missing out on a fresh, unique experience with a really hip location and great outdoor seating. The market-style concept of restaurants and food stores is not uncommon is most metropolitan cities — but it’s the only one of its kind in Naples thus far.


When you walk into the wine shop at Three60 you’ll notice a great selection of local favorites from Rombauer Vineyards to California wines like Cakebread. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, just ask because they’re more than happy to order it for you. The Wine Program pricing applies to all wine — even if you’re ordering something special or drinking it at the restaurant.three60-wine-collectionThe pricing structure is really just as simple as it seems. When you visit, find your favorite wine or ask them if you don’t see it there. They’ll tell you the wholesale price they pay – in fact, the delivery invoice is tucked into the wine boxes as proof – you add $3.60 on top and you’ve got your price.

three60-wine-sancerre-priceWhile there, we got to enjoy the 2012 Pierre Prieur & Fils Sancerre. It’s got a nice dry taste with a lovely sweet and slightly flowery bouquet, making it a great warm weather wine. three60-wine-sancerre

Stop in and challenge the Wine Program at Three60 with your list of favorite wines. Have a look at their selection or view the current Top 10 wine list on their website.

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