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In this day and age where restaurants are sprouting up at every corner you have a lot of choices when it comes to dining out. Particularly in a town like this: There are more than 900 restaurants in Naples, FL. While any chain restaurant will of course value your business, a locally owned business will appreciate your support and patronage far more. Not to mention all of that money ultimately goes back into our local economy.

If local people do not show their support, who will make sure that our favorite locations stay open during the summer or survive until the next season? And who will lead the way to the best locations to dine when the tourists and seasonal visitors return?

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At Foodie Naples, we think it’s vitally important that we support not just local restaurants, but also local businesses in general. Not just because they are fellow business owners here in Naples, but because so many of them offer amazing products and service which you can’t get via a computer screen.

Strong communities are a result of locally owned businesses. These businesses play a part in sustaining the town, linking local folks in a web of economic and social relationships and many of them also contribute to local causes. These relationships foster camaraderie among the people and owners.

Local restaurants (and many locally owned franchises), like many other local businesses, give a large share of their revenue back to the local economy, which in turn helps to augment the local economy. So dollars more or less circulate within the local system, benefiting its people.

More local businesses equal more local jobs for local folks. Also, it has been said that local businesses provide better wages and benefits for their workers compared to chain establishments.

And you can actually influence what gets bought and sold at your local businesses, simply by speaking up and by the items you purchase.

A lot of local restaurants source their produce and ingredients from local growers and farmers (in all fairness, some chains do too). When you support local restaurants, this allows them to then extend that support to local producers. It really is a great thing to expend your food dollar close to home. Not only will you have been served a great meal, your support of local restaurants can do so much more for the entire town, without you even realizing it.

When you are not cooking your own meal at home and decide to eat elsewhere, visit where we put local restaurants and diners first.

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