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Family Night for $50 or less

After the huge success of our recent post about heading out for a night on Fifth Avenue South with only $50 in our pocket to spend for the whole date night evening (which was a great time), we decided to make cheap meals and entertainment, whether with friends, your spouse or the family, and more a regular feature on This time around, we decided to see if we can have a great night out as a family of 3, without spending a fortune. And guess what? We had dinner, drinks, mini-golf and dessert for under $50 bucks! Read on to learn more about our night.


Dining in Naples on a Budget: Under $50 on 5th

Are there really any good dining deals in Naples anymore??

While there are lots and lots of deals available in newspapers, online and via other coupon offers, how do you know what is a really good bargain — and what you’ll regret later.

We at Foodie Naples are starting a new mission to find and report to you the best dining deals, in and out of season, at local Naples restaurants (and maybe a few in neighboring cities as well.) (more…)

Introducing the Three60 Wine Program

Have you ever wanted to have your own personal sommelier? Someone you could consult when you were having a party or just looking for something new to try? How about a wine delivery service that will bring the wine right into your cellar?

If you live in Naples, Florida, you’re in luck! Because Three60 Market is doing just that. And the best part is that you’ll only pay $3.60 per bottle on top of the wholesale price. (more…)

Early Bird Specials - June 2014

For those who are willing to dine early, there are some amazing dinner deals to be had at the many restaurants in Naples. Some of these crazy deals even allow you to snag dinner for two with wine for less than $20 bucks…at a restaurant where you’d usually pay $30-40 per person for the same meal later on in the evening.