A Taste of Peru in Naples to Empower Young Girls


Foodie Naples is partnering with the Wellfit Girls Challenge and Inca’s Kitchen to honor  a group of teenage girls, from various walks of life, who were brave enough to embark on a five-month long journey into the wilds of Peru – and have overcome huge personal hurdles to complete this program.

Jill Wheeler, mentor, guide and producer of the film, Warrior One, attributes her health and strength to the time she spends outdoors. She founded Wellfit Institute in 2010 to inspire her clients to live more active, healthy, fit and adventurous lives. Wheeler believes that the natural world is our greatest teacher.

“To personally experience a girl’s transformation from ‘I am not good at anything and have no worth’ to ‘I am good enough as I am and know I can do anything I set my mind to’ is the greatest success. This is my contribution.”

The Taste of Peru dinner will take place on Thursday, October 23rd at Inca’s Kitchen (11985 Collier Blvd, Naples, FL 34116). Enjoy great Peruvian food, see the trailer for the Warrior One documentary (which will be launched at the upcoming Naples’ International Film Festival) and meet the Wellfit Girls in person.


Warrior One is a transformational story of a group of teenage girls who embark on a five-month training program, seeking the strength and courage to overcome adversity in all areas of life. From the beaches of Florida to the peaks of Peru, their adventure provides a path to personal discovery and a transformation beyond what they ever thought was possible.

Jill’s Call to Adventure came in 1994 in the wilds of Wyoming. It was a turning point in her life. “Nature and my time spent exploring, climbing, surfing and camping for weeks in the backcountry saved my life”, says Wheeler. “There was a time I was so low I didn’t know where to turn or with whom to connect, so I walked outside for hours and days and days and hours alone.”

“The girls in this program face real life issues every day,” explained Jill Wheeler. “A five month fitness, wellness, yoga and adventure program and an expedition to Peru won’t take those issues away, but it has given this group of girls new tools and a more proactive and positive perspective to face their challenges.”

“We love getting involved with this great cause which is helping young girls from challenging backgrounds make something better of themselves,” said Tiffany Muehlbauer, co-founder of FoodieNaples.com. “Without pushing your own limits and knowing just what you are capable of, you will never really grow. When you’re on a wall by yourself, climbing to the top, there are all sorts of thoughts going through your head. But it’s all about you and your own personal battle which determines if you actually make it to the top. ”

Buy your Taste of Peru tickets or purchase a raffle ticket for your chance to win $5,000 and help this great cause at http://bit.ly/tasteperu.

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